As a large charity, we have found Hazelton Mountford
to be professional
and thorough in understanding our needs and helping
us arrange bespoke policy wordings to meet those needs. They have also managed our
claims effectively
and efficiently

Robert Millar
Finance Director
Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance

The not-for-profit sector can be a minefield when considering the right insurance.

There are many different types of insurance covers available and often trustees have differing views on their importance added to the fact that costs are always needed to be kept as low as possible. We can help you to select the cover that is most appropriate and provide advice and clear explanation on how insurances may protect your organisation.

We provide specialist insurance programmes for the Care sector as well as bespoke solutions for Schools, Education Centres and Churches. Alongside this we are well aware of the diverse requirements of charities that have an ever growing number of risks requiring protection. We have significant experience in handling the requirements of both large and smaller charities.

We not only have the skills and knowledge but the ability to deliver a solution to meet your individual needs, whilst also recognising the current economic climate means every pound is vital.

The insurance we can provide include
the following

  • Property Insurance
  • Abuse Insurance
  • Management Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Trustees Liability Insurance
  • Charity Event Insurance
  • Charity Liability
  • Employers Liability including volunteers
  • Public Liability including volunteer risks

Case Study

We reviewed the insurances of a Foster-Care agency and obtained a competitive premium which saved them over 20% on their current policy. Our package not only included standard liability cover but also specialist abuse cover which was identified as not being included in their current insurance package.