HM Haulage Experts

Our expertise in the Haulage Industry
enables us to provide competitive, high
quality insurance services to Haulage
Contractors and related businesses.

Going the Extra Mile

We find that the high pressure working environment of managing a haulage fleet or business is challenging for most. Increased and tightening regulation within the transport industry, regulation for businesses in general and human resource issues mean that time is precious. You can’t afford to spend time chasing your broker for claims information or updates, vehicle queries or indeed any advice relevant to your insurance.

Our Haulage Experts are dedicated to a Personal Service and hands-on approach. We place great emphasis on our excellent Claims Service and ensure we are up to date with the latest regulations relevant to the Transport Industry so we can discuss and advise in a language you can understand. With Hazelton Mountford you can rest assured your query or claim is being dealt with not only in the correct way but also in a timely manner.

Claims are such an important part of your insurance programme. Our clients benefit
a dedicated claims manager with particular expertise and skill in handling and settling motor claims. We ensure that every claim reported
to us is treated with importance and handled quickly and in a cost-effective way. Behind the scenes, unfortunately, not all insurers provide
an excellent claims service but with us dealing
on your behalf it ensures that our clients experience nothing but the best service possible.

We understand the needs of Haulage Contractors claims and the number of incidents that really require your broker and insurer to back your version of events and pursue an outcome in your favour. There are also often issues with outstanding
claims being left on your record for longer than necessary. Your Claims Manager will constantly liaise with insurers to assist with outstanding
claims coming off as quickly as possible.


We have a highly experienced team who can provide the right solution for your business, whether you offer General Haulage or a more specialised Transport solution.

New Innovations

At Hazelton Mountford we are constantly looking to innovate and evolve to give our clients additional benefits and value. Some of our more recent developments are…

Client Service Portal

We have developed and launched an exciting industry specific CSP – Client Service Portal. As our client, you will have access to the system, with your own login that will enable….

  • Instant online access to your claims with full transparency of up to date activity on each claim including progress reports direct from our in-house claims handlers
  • The ability to report new claims to us using the online form, uploading photographs and other accompanying documentation
  • Instant online access to all your insurance documentation
  • Instant online access to view vehicle fleet list.
  • Instant online access to send notifications of fleet vehicle changes.





HM Claims App

  • As you will be aware motor insurance costs have risen in recent years and continue to rise.
  • Reporting claims can be tedious and time consuming.
  • The causes of this are numerous but being proactive can help lower your cost.
  • One of the biggest costs to the insurance industry stems from delayed and incomplete reporting.


Our app seeks to allow your drivers to report the claim directly to ourselves (and in some cases, direct to your insurers) as well as to your own offices in only a few minutes and at the time of the incident. The app prompts and aids the driver to capture the key information for handling and more importantly defending your claim.

Below is a link to a short video explaining how the app works and why we built it:

App Introduction Video

We can offer your business…

  • Dedicated Claims Manager
  • Regular claims reports and analysis
  • In-House uninsured loss recovery service
  • Online Insurance Manager system
  • Driving Licence checking assistance
  • Subcontractors insurance assistance
  • HR advice and documentation
  • Health & Safety advice and documentation
  • Vehicle Camera systems preferred suppliers
    and insurance solutions
  • Haulage risk management
  • A tailored service to fit your needs


Our service is tailored to suit your individual businesses needs. We will be as ‘Hands-On’
as our clients require – for larger fleets we offer regular meetings with analysis of claims and
focused discussions on how to reduce insurance costs. For smaller fleets we will personally visit
you at least annually and provide regular updates
if required.

As well as keeping up to date with developments within the Transport Industry, we strive to improve and update the quality
of service we provide including use of social media to engage our clients.


Our team have years of experience in handling the requirements of Haulage Contractors and so can offer a specialised service to your business.
We are a Chartered Insurance Broker which demonstrates our commitment
to deliver the highest level of insurance expertise and staff training. We are
also Associate members of the RHA.

The profit margins of Haulage Contractors are often very tight and squeezed further still due to things like expensive fuel costs, difficulties in finding reliable staff, vehicle defects and general wear. Insurance premiums need to be competitive and we can guarantee to be amongst the most competitive in the market due to excellent relationships with a range of insurers who respect our expertise.

For more information on how we can help you please call 01905 611951