Many people buy insurance but have very little idea of what they have purchased until something goes wrong. Hazelton Mountford take time to ensure that you are correctly insured and we are there for you in the event of a claim.

Hazelton Mountford are great, they listened, advised and then helped us protect ourselves in very difficult circumstances.
They are a credit to their profession and have become an essential part of
our business.

Anthony Lingard-Lane
Go Green Reprocess Ltd

We take time to ensure that you are correctly insured in the first place and make sure we are there for you in the event of a claim.

As our client, we will act on your behalf and to assist you through the claims process including liaising with insurer claims departments, loss adjusters, contractors and repairers.

Let us take the stress out of claims for you.

For large and complex claims we offer a full loss recovery service which provides you with the services of your own Claims Consultant / Loss Adjuster to prepare and negotiate claims with your insurance company for both property and business interruption losses, including:

  • Personal attendance at all meetings with the insurance company’s representative on your behalf
  • Preparation of inventories for damaged and stolen property
  • Liaison with accountants to prepare loss of profits claims where applicable

In our experience, larger claims of this type are very involved and time consuming, and we find this service is invaluable on these occasions.

When it comes to motor accidents we have an arrangement with a high-quality vehicle body repairer who will sort out your repairs and provide a courtesy car avoiding the hassle of relying on insurers own approved repairers, if preferred.

We negotiate settlements for you and assist with uninsured loss recoveries from third parties.

For larger clients we offer full a claims analysis and consultancy service.

HM Claims App

  • As you will be aware motor insurance costs have risen in recent years and continue to rise.
  • Reporting claims can be tedious and time consuming.
  • The causes of this are numerous but being proactive can help lower your cost.
  • One of the biggest costs to the insurance industry stems from delayed and incomplete reporting.

Our app seeks to allow your drivers to report the claim directly to ourselves (and in some cases, direct to your insurers) as well as to your own offices in only a few minutes and at the time of the incident. The app prompts and aids the driver to capture the key information for handling and more importantly defending your claim.

Below is a link to a short video explaining how the app works and why we built it:

App Introduction Video

To see how to download the app, follow this link – HM Claims App

Case Study

A client contacted us to enquire about whether or not they could claim for a recent theft involving one of their own staff. Although this client had not specifically requested fidelity insurance previously, we were able to identify an extension within their current business combined policy that provided cover for this eventuality. There were several caveats to the cover, which, with our guidance, the client was able to comply with thus ensuring the claim would be met by insurers.

For a list of our Insurer claim telephone numbers, please follow this link – Claim Numbers