Marine Trades

We are pleased to be able to offer cover tailored for marine businesses, including premises, liabilities & marine risks.  

Through our experience, we understand the needs of marine businesses and are able to offer bespoke policies suitable for small boatyards right up to large marinas.

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"I have known Clive at Hazelton Mountford for a number of years during which he has looked after our marine trade insurance for us. Hazelton Mountford provided a bespoke value for money product that fulfils all our needs, their service was excellent and everything was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. We received the policy documentation almost immediately by e mail with no forms to fill in. I would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone in the marine trade."

Sarah Edgson

Norton Canes Boatbuilders

"Having worked with Clive Carter over the last few years in respect of liveaboard boat insurance, I am quite happy to recommend him regarding your insurance needs"

Charles Foster

Residential Boat Owners Association

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